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Ant pest control in Dubai

Ant pest control Service in Dubai

Ants are tiny, resourceful animals that live all over the world. They are largely dormant during the winter and quite active during the summer seasons. The known varieties of ants are numerous. The most prevalent varieties of ants in Dubai include carpenter ants, argentine ants, black house ants, and red imported fire ants.

Ants are typically considered to be a bother. They might not provide serious problems, but if they take over your home, you will find them everywhere. It can be annoying to constantly have a lot of ants around. Perhaps you have looked for an Ant pest control service in Dubai because you are bothered by ants.


Why Do You Need Ant Control Service?

Ants typically build their nests outside and only enter buildings in quest of food and water. You can be certain that many more ants are on their way if you notice even one ant near your food. Ants can communicate the location of food, allowing a big group to come together quickly.

Since ants are known to be swarming all over, an infestation can be very unsettling. They’ll scurry over your meal and eat it. Additionally, they will run around your house and possibly even all over you. You will feel uneasy because of this. You could occasionally get bitten by ants if your home is covered in them. Some ant bites may cause discomfort and are itchy.

Ants come into your home in search of food and moisture. They might introduce infections into your food supply. Food items must occasionally be thrown away because of the way they are amassed within. A particular species of ant known as a carpenter ant will eat its way through the wood and reduce it to powder.

Call Golden Touch Ant pest control right now to stop the problems that ants can cause.

Our Approach


We’ll thoroughly check your house, inside and out, for any existing or potential insect issues.

Protect. We’ll utilize the safest techniques, use the proper products, and treat the perimeter of your structure. We’ll also get rid of any spiderwebs and wasp nests that are easily accessible.


We’ll seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and crevices to keep insects out.

Keep Watch We’ll treat your home’s interior and install pest monitors in places like the garage, utility room, and crucial locations like the kitchen and bathroom.


We’ll always give you a thorough report on the services we provided as well as suggestions for how to keep your house free of pests.

Take Action

Between our regularly scheduled visits, we’ll stay in touch and attend to any urgent requirements.

Problems caused by Ants

Ants can enter your home through tiny cracks. When they locate a food source, they leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to follow. That explains why groups of them can be observed swarming around food scraps in lines. Usually, the promise of food and water is used to entice them inside of dwellings.

Diseases that are consumed through food might be spread by ants. They can spread bacteria from your home to your food. They have the ability to disperse infections including salmonella, shigella, and E. coli. To be safe, avoid eating things that ants have been known to devour.

All ants can bite when threatened. Their bites can hurt and in some people, they might cause an allergic reaction. Your wooden objects could be harmed by carpenter ants.

Given how annoying even a seemingly insignificant and maybe, you may want to hunt into an ant control service nearby.

Ant Control near me

How Can Ants Be Removed?

You can take several steps to prevent an ant colony from expanding in your house. Here are a few actions you can take:

  • Keep food crumbs out of your home. Clean up any spilled food from the tables and the floor as soon as you can.
  • Stay away from leaving dishes in the sink overnight. They might attract ants if there are food scraps on them.
  • Store your food in airtight containers or undercover. They will remain safe from ants thanks to it.
  • Organize your kitchen counters and cabinets. The presence of food scraps can boost the ant population.
  • Eat all of your meals and snacks in one location. That would prevent an ant infestation from taking over your entire home.

All of these actions together can reduce the ant population. Call an ant control service in Dubai if you’re still having trouble with an epidemic.

Why Choose Us? 

Golden Touch Pest Control is skilled at managing ants. You can rely on the knowledge we have gathered as the answer to the question of an ant control service nearby for many years. Ants are resilient insects that resist being killed repeatedly by the same method. If a chemical is applied repeatedly, they surprisingly have the capacity to become accustomed to it. We have expanded our arsenal of ant management methods and tools throughout time.

Here are some of our methods briefly explained:

Gel-type baits: The ants that eat the baiting gels are not immediately killed by them. These gels take time to work and might be spread from ant to ant. The entire colony might be infected and destroyed using this method.

Baiting Stations: Baiting stations are pre-made devices that use enticing bait to get ants inside. To their colony, the ants bring the baits and distribute them among themselves. This makes it possible to infect and wipe out the entire colony.

An Ant Control Service in Dubai is sure to employ this typical tactic, general insecticide spraying. To get rid of ants, insecticides are sprayed all around areas where they are known to live. These pesticides need to be handled with caution and kept out of children’s reach.

Customized Insecticide Spraying: As part of Dubai ant control service, we occasionally analyze a location and determine that a particular chemical can deliver the desired effect. After that, we started using that specially formulated pesticide spray to get rid of the ant population. The chemicals can be handled by our professionals without endangering their health.

Our team members are honest and reliable in their work. When you requested them to, they’ll go check out your home and look for ant habitats. The optimum method for eliminating them will then be determined. You will be left with a house that has no ant population when they are finished.

We strongly advise against allowing ants to live in your home since they cause several issues. Contact us right away if you are having issues with the ant population. Golden Touch Ant Pest Control is constantly prepared to take care of ants, termites, bedbugs, and other sorts of pest control for you.

The following are steps to do to stop ants from entering your home:

  1. Caulk and seal any cracks or fissures to block their access. Given how resourceful ants are at finding entryways, you might not be able to seal all of them.
  2. To get rid of the pheromone chemical trail, use a detergent to clean up the area around access points.

To stop the spread of Carpenter Ant infestations

  • Prune every tree and bush so that no branches touch the house.
  • Fix moisture issues including leaky pipes and roofs.
  • Before it rains, paint or seal any exposed wood structures.
  • Replace any wood in the structure that has rotted, been water-damaged, or was previously plagued with ants.
  • Prevent soil/wood interactions.
  • Clear the property of any dead stumps and store your firewood off the ground and away from the building.