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Pest Control Services in Dubai Residential & Commercial.

Golden Touch Pest Control L.L.C is a premier pest control company providing professional pest control services across the UAE since 2008.

We Have been the first choice for pest control services across the region, thanks to our reputation in delivering quality service at competitive prices.

From Bed Bug to mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites and rodents, we can shield your home and office from each conceivable pervasion, guaranteeing you complete true serenity.

Our services are available 24/7 in and around Dubai, Sharjah and other emirates.

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Bed bugs Control

Bed bugs pest Control

The bed bugs are a type of chestnut-brown insects which have a flat shape from top to bottom. 

cockroches control

Cockroach Control

Our environment-friendly, latest spray and gel methods are some of our best approaches to cockroach control in Dubai.

termite control

Termite Control

Our Pest Control utilizes advanced termite control techniques to protect your home or business from termites.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are also found across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and the northern emirates. Mosquitoes are small flying insects that bite…

Rat Control

Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the world. They eat and contaminate food, and damage structures…

Honey Bee Control

Protect your property with our professional honey bee control services. Our experienced team offers effective and eco-friendly solutions.

Ants Control

The ant is another common pest in Dubai. Ants do not carry any disease; therefore, pose no threat to human or pet life.

Flies Control

Flies Pest Control

Flies are very harmful insects as they are capable of causing and transferring diseases of many kinds. If your house, office, hotel, etc.

Pigeon Control

Bird Pest Control

Pigeons in Dubai are making harm structures and human wellbeing because of a high destructive corrosive in their droppings. 

Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning

It is highly important to have your sofa deep cleaned from time to time. Moving into a new house or apartment is also one of the reasons…

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Our environment-friendly, latest spray and gel methods are some of our best approaches to cockroach control in Dubai.

Water Tank Cleaning

Termites are a major problem faced by residential and commercial owners alike. Being the best pest control company in Dubai 

Why Choosing Us

Pregnancy safe

Pregnancy safe

Pregnancy-safe pest control services for a healthy home environment. Protect yourself and your baby.

Baby safe

Safe pest control for your baby. Protect your little one with our baby-friendly services

Pet friendly

Pet-friendly pest control for a safe home. Protect your pets with our effective solutions

Quality Services

Quality pest control services you can trust. Contact us for reliable and high-quality pest control solutions.

Municipality Approved

Choose our municipality-approved pest control services. Trust in our expertise and compliance with regulations.

Affordable price

Get quality pest control at affordable prices. Say goodbye to pests without breaking the bank.

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Free Home Inspection

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Get Pest Control

Get highly effective pest control on scheduled day. We always use good quality products.


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Karan Sign

This is very great experience persons . I have used to their service for the pest control from our office . I m completely satisfied with their service .

luma khan

I call to them for the removal of pest from our house . They are very quick and careful about their service . I m completely satisfied with their service .

Hanfi Haraz

I have used to their service for the removal of cockroaches from our hall . They are reached very quickly . Always ready to provide their service .

Zander Phoenix

Golden touch pest control company is very great in the complete removal of cockroaches and all pest . I have used to their service in my house . They are cooperative and friendly people .

Forhad Khan

This company provide best pest control in dubai. I really used theirs service and i am totally happy with them. If you want any type of pest control then please call him. This company best for ant control, cockroach control, termite control in dubai


Golden Touch My favourite pest control method ever! We are close to a field. Field mice are prevalent here. The only business that has successfully prevented mice from entering our home has been this one. Excellent staff that always has the answers to our questions. I strongly advise.


Golden Touch Pest Control L.L.C is at the cutting edge of the industry and committed to providing a pest-free environment, using the latest pest management solutions to commercial and residential sectors in the United Arab Emirates.

Knowledge & experience is our forte. We provide Comprehensive Pest Management Solutions. Our strength is all kinds of Pest Management answers for an office.

“We emphatically accept that our initial step to a superior and additionally enduring relationship with our customers is to teach them about the complexities of our industry, giving them, at all times a clear & honest picture”.